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    天水万联电气传动装置有限企业(原天水万联制药设备厂)是集研发、生产、销售中药制丸、制粒成套设备为一体的科技型民营企业。企业成立于2001年,是天水市科技型民营企业,天水市政府命名的“重合同 、守信用”企业,世界杰出华商协会理事单位,中国“采购与招标网”、“中国制药网”高级会员单位,企业具有制丸、制粒两大系列成套设备生产、研发能力,可根据用户不同需求实行个性化定制,特别是在中药制丸领域拥有多项国家,从混合到成品与烘干设备,40多种型号设备行销国内外。获得中国企业战略联盟“制药设备行业质量公认*品牌”和“重点推广品牌”,在业内影响广泛。  


    Tianshui Wanlian pharmaceutical equipment Co., Ltd. is a high-tech private enterprise which contains R & D, production and sales of complete sets of quipment for producing Chinese medicine pill. The company founded in 2001. It is also known as the high-tech private enterprise. Tianshui municipal government named the "contract-conducted and high-Reputation enterprise”.

    Our company is a director unit of “world outstanding Chinese businessman association” as well as vip members in “purchasing and bidding website”and “China pharmacy network”. The company has abilities for producing, researching and developing (pill and pellet) two series of complete sets of equipment. Our implements are personalized and customized according to varies requirements.  We also have numbers of national patents in the field of traditional Chinese medicine pills machines. The product ranges are wide that from medicine powder-mixed machine to pills-drying equipment. Over 40 types of equipment are sold all over the world.

    The WANLIAN brand is awarded “Recognized brand and high quality in pharmaceutical equipment industry” by enterprise strategic alliance.Wanlian medicine machine is marketing- oriented and we focus on innovation to create higher quality and lower price of the pharmaceutical equipment.

    Our mission is: to satisfy different needs of our customers.

    Our aim is: to be better.



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