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Removable rubber water

Removable rubber water Details:
      Removable rubber water is the use of high elasticity of rubber and compression characteristics, elastic deformation under various loads, and thus play an effective fastening seal to prevent leakage, seepage and shock absorption cushioning effect of building construction. In general the larger architectural design project, since not continuous pouring, or due to the deformation of foundation, concrete structures or due to thermal expansion and contraction caused by temperature changes and other reasons, the need to leave the construction joints, settlement and Deformation in these outer sealing seam must be installed to bring water leakage problems.
Removable rubber water stop mounting
      1. Construction of embedded bolts
      Embedded bolts shall be fixed in advance on the plate, and then embedded in the concrete pouring. It should be added to the embedded steel plate sealing sheet, the lower part of steel embedded concrete vibrators carefully. For ease of installation removable water stop and Deformation of the arc-shaped corner portions should be made or a 45 ° angle, arc radius shall be determined according to the length of the bolt embedded in two adjacent bolt head does not affect the distance of the stop plywood with water and water-stop installation prevail, generally 250 - 300 ε is appropriate. Embedded steel and plywood should be made of the same shape. When embedded bolts, bolts should be set after buttering short PVC pipe protection.
      2. Fixed removable water stop
      It should be adopted in the field of fixed water-stop belt punch punch bolt according to the actual position, to ensure the accuracy of its location. Throughout the installation process, must not hard pull water stop. Between water stop and removable splint and between applications and embedded steel are asbestos cardboard or soft metal sheet liner tight.



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