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P-type water stop (gate seal)

gate seal, also known as p-type rubber water-stop, gate seal is an important hydropower project gate part of the gate is to ensure airtight seal water, the normal operation of critical components. Gate seal material can be selected according to specific conditions and the level of head orifice size, than the most commonly used rubber gate seal. Gate, also known as the rubber seal rubber seal or rubber seal, its biggest advantage is flexibility, and the ability to adapt to a strong deformation; simple structure, water-tight and reliable seal; more economical, easy to install replacement anti-aging, long service life. 
We produce rubber seals sluice is based GB18173.2-2000 standard production, according to a cross-sectional shape is divided into P, L, W, Ω, φ, V, U seven types. Each type can be divided into several groups. & Nbsp; 
sluice rubber seal material is divided into two categories. 
class I gate seal: natural rubber or natural rubber-based material. SF6674 gate for large projects; SF6474 suitable for medium and small projects sluice gates and joints. 
class II gate seal: synthetic rubber or synthetic rubber-based material. It is suitable for water containing a small amount of acid, alkali, oil or sea water sluice gate.



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