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Water swelling rubber water

Water swelling rubber water
Water swelling water stop rubber water does not mean that the expansion itself, but an expansion to add a water stop type water line on the basis of ordinary buried rubber water-stop basis. The expansion part is expanded line. Rubber and rubber water-stop portion of the same physical and mechanical properties, perform GB18173.2-2000 standards, it is called "rubber expansion water stop." Expansion line compound Executive Standard GB / T18173.3-2002, in addition to having a rubber water-stop performance, its main feature is the use of having a waterproof line water swelling properties of rubber to steel. Sealing Strip under the action of water swelling rubber begins to expand and enhance the tightness of water stop and structures, so that water, better sealing effect.
Expansion of rubber water-stop performance characteristics of rubber water after getting to the water, the volume will expand, so this product can be widely applied to various types of concrete structures such as: dams, reservoirs, subways, culverts, tunnels and other underground works in. In these projects, because it is not a continuous casting, or due to the deformation of foundation, or due to thermal expansion and contraction of the concrete structures caused by temperature changes and other reasons, often leaving the casting deformation joint, construction joints, these joints against leakage problems we must use the parts used in the deformation joint rubber expansion method to solve the water stop, it can prevent water leaking into the groundwater or outside the building structure, but will also prevent water from leaking to the outside of the building.
Water swelling rubber water schematic



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