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Sealing Series

Backing with water stop

Backing with water stop, also known as posted outside the water stop or external water stop, a seal is to construct an underground concrete structure deformation joint, settlement joint outer wall (positive side) set having elastic material and structure to accommodate the concrete water stop stretching deformation.
     From material selection to distinguish it can be divided into an outer rubber water-stop, externally bonded plastic water stop, posted outside the water stop joints and in the buried water swelling water stop and so on.
     From a structural form it can be divided into EB and EP-type water stop type water stop two kinds. It is worth noting that due to the paste-type water stop provided at the outer concrete positive side, in the construction process often requires waterproof plate welded seal, so in this case should choose waterproof board the same material posted outside sealing band (such as EVA waterproof board posted outside the water stop selecting EVA), while posted outside the water stop after use, in the outer concrete wall backfill should pay attention to the external paste-type water stop protection.
     We are currently based on the actual needs of the domestic construction, in the past, producing a variety of externally bonded rubber water-stop, posted outside the foundation formula PVC water stop on the introduction of advanced equipment and technology, development and production of a series of externally bonded plastic stopper hose, mainly EVA posted outside the water stop, ECB posted outside the water stop, PE posted outside the water stop, HDPE posted outside the water stop, complete specifications, quality and stability. Customers are welcome to come to negotiate business.


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