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651 Rubber Sealing Strip

651 651 Rubber Sealing Sealing Sealing is a commonly used models, are buried water stop, on both sides of the center hole of each of three projections shocked, see Figure specific type, and 651 rubber Sealing Sealing is the most widely used products in commonly used buried water stop also 652, 653 and so on.
651 Sealing is the use of high elasticity of rubber, pressure is generated in a variety of elastic deformation under load, and thus play a strong seal, can effectively prevent the building construction leakage, seepage and shock absorption effect. In many countries, large-scale engineering and construction design, between civil engineering, water and soil structure has certain requirements retractable, waterproof and shockproof other requirements exist, so the use and installation of rubber water-stop is to effectively solve the above problems encountered in the project.
651 Sealing performance standards
Rubber water-stop production completely national GB18173.2-2000 "polymer waterproof material - water stop" standard organization of production. Users can request the production of water-stop shape, the size of the products, in addition to different projects, with the needs of different parts of the cross-shaped, T-shaped, slope type and inside and outside corner rubber water-stop connector products, applicable any design requirement.
651 Rubber Sealing Applications
Underground structures, dams, reservoirs, swimming pools, roofing and other building materials and structures deformation joint water use. This product is mainly used in situ concrete construction joints and deformation crack, and become one of the concrete structure foundation engineering, underground facilities, tunnels, culverts, water aqueducts, dams, etc., to ensure the life of the project construction.
651 type water stop installation
In construction, the concrete pouring process wherein some or all of the rubber water pouring buried in the concrete, the concrete if there are many sharp stones and sharp steel head, since the tear strength of the rubber stronger than low tensile 3-5 times, once punctured or torn, the gap will need a large external force to expand, so the water stop position and concrete pouring process, it should pay attention to positioning methods and pouring pressure to avoid stop hose is punctured, the water stop position and concrete pouring process, should pay attention to positioning methods and pouring pressure to avoid being punctured, affect water stop water effects, specific precautions are as follows:
A, rubber water-stop not long open-air exposure to prevent rain, do not contact with contaminated strong chemicals. The best place to keep the product should be stored -10 ℃ - + 30 ℃, relative humidity of 40% -80%.
B, in the transport and construction of the product, to prevent mechanical, steel damage. Finished products storage and transportation should be taken straight flat, do not increase the pressure.
C, in the construction process, product installation must be fixed to prevent displacement occurs in the pouring of concrete, waterstops in concrete to ensure the correct position.
D, we usually fixed water-stop method: the use of additional reinforcement fixed; special fixtures fixed; wire and template fixation, when for perforation, only election in the water stop edge of the mounting area can not damage other parts.
E, the user orders should calculate the length of the product, the structure must be shaped according to drawing engineering structures, design drawings, as far as possible in the water stop factories integrally connected, when in the field for the connection, use electric heating plate curing adhesive combined or cold adhesive (rubber water) or welding (plastic water stop) methods, such as user connection difficulties may send technical personnel on-site guidance.
Sealing Category
Sealing system using an elastic material, and mixed with a variety of adjuvants, the mixing, curing made. According to product selection of materials can be divided into natural rubber water stop, water stop neoprene, nitrile rubber water stop, water stop EPDM rubber, plastics (PVC) water stop, water stop joints .
According to the different structure can be divided into: CB rubber water stop, CP rubber water stop, EB rubber water stop, EP rubber water stop
Depending on the different installation methods can be divided into: buried water stop, posted outside the water stop, removable water stop.

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