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BW slow swelling screening seal

For ordinary seal tensile strength is not high shortcomings carefully developed, development and production of new waterproof sealing material.
In the vertical construction of some major projects, the common seal BW sag due to its own gravity, tensile strength is not enough, prone to fracture, less than really being waterproof purposes. Plus mesh emergence of new water expansion of the seal is to prevent the occurrence of this phenomenon, the product was added layer of steel mesh or nylon mesh in BW water expansion of the seal, the seal improves the overall tensile strength to ensure the quality of the project.
      Features: This product is added to the fabric extrusion of new products, according to project needs, within the seal can and nylon mesh or steel mesh to increase the tensile strength. New screen plus water expansion of the seal with the scope and conditions of BW water expansion of the seal is substantially the same, more suitable for larger vertical or oblique Ramen construction site.
1, a water blocking system preset on the principle of water leakage inside the seal gaps under constraints (ie concrete wrapped state) water swelling, blocking, blocking, leakage water.
2, the expansion rate is high, move the strong complementarity. Placed in construction joints, seams after pouring the seal has a strong balance of self-healing function, self-sealing small cracks due to new settlement emerged.
3, for the project has been completed, if the thin seam of water leakage, the seal can be used to re-plugging.
4, waterproof, impervious better than traditional steel, rubber and plastic water stop, and the construction method is simple, time saving time and labor.
5, the main material for the inorganic mineral raw materials, with anti-aging, anti-corrosion, pollution and other characteristics.
Scope and conditions:
The product is suitable for concrete construction joints, seams after pouring through the wall and pipe, slab, Qiang Feng sealing impermeability of concrete cracks and leakage control. Widely used in the basement, basement garage, storage tanks, sedimentation pools of various underground construction, subways, highways, railways and tunnels. BW-Ⅱ row water expansion of the seal is tight when new waterproof material. For concrete construction joints, seams after pouring the water impermeability.



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