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Geotextile series

Staple acupuncture geotextile

Geotextile mainly in the following three series:
  Between a staple acupuncture non-woven geotextile, specifications 100g / m2-600g / m2 arbitrary choice, the main raw material is the use of polypropylene staple fiber polyester staple fiber or by needling into the legal system, the main purpose is: river, sea, Lake embankment slope protection, land reclamation, docks, locks and other flood control project, is played by returning filtered water and soil conservation and effective way of preventing piping.
   Second, acupuncture nonwovens and PE film composite geotextile, specifications a cloth membrane, two cloth one membrane, the maximum width of 4.2 meters is the main raw material to use non-woven polyester staple fiber needle, PE film composite made by the main purpose is impermeable for railways, highways, tunnels, subways, airports and other projects.
   Third, non-woven and woven composite geotextile, a variety of non-woven polypropylene filament woven with complex, non-woven and woven plastic composites for foundation reinforcement, adjust the permeability of foundation engineering facilities.
Features: light weight, low cost, corrosion resistance, filtration, drainage, separation, and enhance excellent performance.
Uses: Widely used in water conservancy, electric power, mines, roads and railways geotechnical engineering:
     l, soil separation filter material;
    2, reservoirs, mining beneficiation drainage materials, high-rise building foundation drainage material;
    3, river dams, slope protection against erosion material;
    4, railway, highway, airport runway subgrade reinforcement material, marshes road reinforcement material;
    5, anti-frost, frost insulation materials;
    6, the crack of asphalt pavement material.
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