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Geotextile series

Polyester geotextile

Shandong Sino-Swiss Geotechnical Materials Engineering Co., Ltd. is a specialized in non-woven fabric research and development, production, management and technology enterprises. Main products: geomembrane, HDPE geomembrane, EVA film, PVC film, geotextile fabric, woven composite geotextile, acupuncture geotextiles, filament geotextile, GCL (GCL), waterproof board single bi-directional geogrid, Geo network, three-dimensional network mat, Geocell, soft water pipe, blind ditch blind tube, water stop, seal more than 20 kinds of geotextile material.
       The company produces mainly high-acupuncture geotextile polyester staple fiber mainly, but also happen based on user requirements polypropylene, nylon, polyvinyl alcohol or mixed fiber needle geotextile acupuncture geotextile filter with isolation, drainage, plus tendons, protection, blocking, and other six functions, can be widely used in railways, highways, sports stadiums, dams, hydraulic construction, tunnel, along the beach path, reclamation and environmental protection projects.
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