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Geotextile series

Composite geotextile

Composite Geotextile is woven and non-woven geotextile composite geotextile together with filtration, separation, reinforcement, protection and so on.
       A, filtration effect: do dams, canals, coastal, concrete slope, Shen river, retaining walls of the filter layer, prevent soil particles through at the same time, allow water or gas pass through freely.
       B, isolation effect: do the railway ballast and subgrade, roadbed and soft base, the surface layer and the foundation and the airport parking lot, isolate different damming material between two different particle size of earth and sand, stone and foundation or isolated from other buildings.
       C, reinforcement effect: for road, railway, dam, breakwater, airports, retaining wall backfill, slope and other projects, the distribution of stress in soil, prevent soil lateral improve soil stability.
       D, protective effect: for the banks to prevent a wave of wind rain erosion, and for the revetment, bottom protection, prevent soil erosion.


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