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Geotextile bagged

Chong buried geotextile bags

Geotextile bags red pipe has excellent physical and chemical properties of this material may be specially formulated to resist ultraviolet erosion, affected by chemicals in the soil, not a qualitative change or decay, a permanent non-degradable and resistant to pest attack , anti-aging, non-toxic, anti-acid salt corrosion and microbial decomposition, not only through permeable soil, plants can be friendly and green vegetation; as the newest member of slope material has the following environmental advantages of universality.
      Geotextile red pipe cofferdam as a new technology of tidal coastal embankment in the 1990s began to be used Qiantang River estuary beach reclamation and high embankments, and achieved good results, it has been gradually extended to bridge pile Foundation construction of the cofferdam water. It is made of polypropylene, polyethylene geotextile sewn into the bag, and then the powder sand mud pump mud into the bag, so that the top of the mud with geotextile bags export flows, while the silt deposited in the bag. The red mud silt filled geotextile bags bulky tube, self-important, it will sink in the water, the water can not easily be washed away, thereby forming a cofferdam. Having local materials, simple construction, speed up the construction schedule, low engineering cost, significant economic benefits, low cost project, obvious economic benefits, simple removal, construction of environmental protection higher degree of significant advantages.



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