Geogrid series
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Geogrid series

Uniaxial geogrid

Technical advantages 
Friction is not easy to generate static electricity. In the coal mine environment, the average surface resistance of plastic net were 1 × 109Ω or less.
Good flame retardant properties. Can be reached the coal industry standard MT141-2005, MT113-1995 predetermined flame retardant properties.
Easy washing. Plastic mesh density around 0.92, less than the density of water, in the coal washing process, the broken mesh floating in the water, easy to be washed away.
Anti-corrosion ability, anti-aging.
Ease of construction and transportation. Plastic mesh is relatively soft, not scratched in the construction workers, but also tends to curl bundling, mining grille trim and light weight advantages, thereby facilitating underground transport, carry and construction.
Vertical and horizontal directions have a strong bearing capacity. Since this is a two-way stretch plastic net rather than woven, mesh so little creep, and uniform mesh size, can effectively prevent broken coals fall, to protect the security and safety of underground workers and the mine workers mine car running safely.
The products are mainly used to help protect the coal mine when the mine can be used as anchor of roadway, roadway support, anchor spray roadway roadway and other support materials. When used false roof, combined with the use of double or more.



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