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Geogrid series

Plastic composite coal mine to help protect network

Coal Mine plastic composite network is protected with the help of polyethylene (PE), the main raw material for the steel fire-retardant, anti-static post-processing technology, plastics extrusion and steel reinforced composite materials into one of the top fake plastic composite tape , according to a certain distance welding stick welding integral grid network structure of the product. Features: 1, easy to produce static friction. In the coal mine environment, plastic-coated steel outside, the average surface resistance generally in the 1 × 109Ω or less.2, has a good flame retardant properties.3, anti-corrosion anti-rust ability. Product appearance of corrosion-resistant modified plastics, long-term use will not fail due to corrosion and rust, to ensure a long-term protective effect.4, ease of construction. Because outside the wire coated with a layer of soft plastic layer, so in the construction and transport workers is not easy to scratch, while the wire is easy to cut, no need to open network when coal, reduce labor intensity, greatly improving the efficiency.5, strong bearing capacity. Belt elongation of small, even by force, avoid string bag produce, high strength. Affinity outer cover layer of plastic and concrete stronger, improve supporting strength spray roadway.Applications: The product is suitable for coal mine in coal seam, special thick seam mining stratified when used with care to help prevent channeling gangue and goaf roadway support; also be used for tunnels, highway slope, seismic building reinforcement, foundation and anchoring member projects such as supporting anchor. Coal Mine plastic composite network is to help protect the glass bolt after another innovative product.
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