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Geogrid series

Fiberglass grating

Glass fiber rovings as the main raw material, the use of certain woven mesh structure made of material to protect the glass fiber, improve overall performance, through a special coating treatment process to form a new fine geotextile substrate .
Product Features: high strength, low elongation, high temperature, high modulus, light weight, good toughness, corrosion resistance, long life and other characteristics can be widely used.
The old concrete pavement, airport runway maintenance, dams, river banks, slope protection, road bridge engineering enhancement processing can be enhanced to the pavement, reinforcement, rutting prevent fatigue cracking, thermal cracking and cold stretch following reflection crack, pavement bearing stress and can extend the pavement life, high tensile strength, low elongation, no long-term creep, physical and chemical stability, thermal stability, resistance to fatigue cracking, high temperature rutting resistance at low temperature shrinkage crack, delaying and decreasing crack reflection.
Applications: 1 old asphalt concrete pavement, reinforced reinforcing asphalt surface, control the road to collapse.
2. Cement Concrete Pavements composite pavement, causing reflex inhibition plate contraction cracks.
3. Extension of road improvement works, combining old and new prevention unit and cracks caused by uneven settlement.
4. Soft Soil Foundation reinforcement treatment, is conducive to the consolidation of soft soil analysis of water, effectively inhibit the settlement, uniform stress distribution, enhance the overall strength of subgrade.
5. The new road pavement cracks semi-rigid base layer shrinkage cracks, foundation reinforcement enhanced to prevent reflection cracks caused



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