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Geocell series

Reinforced strengthen Geocell

1, the construction process
Slope table processing → Cell with drilling scheduled to start anchoring position → Remove drilling anchor fixing Geocell Geocell Reinforced → commencement anchor U-shaped connecting bars, fixed on the grid → Spraying mixing chamber substrate, a nonwoven fabric covering exposing → film conservation.
2, the construction machinery:
Jets, drilling machines, air compressors, mixers.
3, construction methods and requirements
a: slope table processing: the use of artificial trimming slope tilt the consistent, smooth and stable, clear slope sludge, surface dust and empty ballast, the larger will be the local concave mortar rubble fill inlay, large convex caulked except.
b: Cell with drilling scheduled to start anchoring position: use a grid to expand the chamber were set eyelets slope, then drilling.
c: Remove Geocell drilling anchor fixing bars: Remove the cell chamber, drilling, anchoring F-type steel.
d: cell room to expand, a U-shaped connecting rib anchor, fixed on the grid chamber: Geocell along the slope, the route open to the maximum size, the grid chamber surrounded by a U-shaped steel anchor fixed crest anchor spacing 70cm; the middle with F-type anchor fixed, according to a triangular arrangement, spacing 105cm. The Rivet Joint point firmly fixed on the slope.
e: Spraying mixed substrates, non-woven covering: The Jets will meet the requirements of the mixed substrate and seeds spray on the slope, away from the mouth of the gun when seeding slope about 1 meter, add water to keep the substrate the mixture does not flow lingers prevail, with good coverage after seeding 50g / m2 non-woven fabric.
f: Jiemo, conservation: strengthening management after seeding, timely and appropriate water (a mixture of the substrate should be kept moist state). Peel off the nonwoven When the seedlings grow to 5 ~ 6cm plant or two or three leaves.
4. Construction Notes:
a, a mixture of the green base substrate, fiber, plant loam, etc. by mixing together; green substrate made of organic matter, soil conditioners materials. Plant loam should be used to project the original topsoil or near farmland crushed 8mm sieve, water content ≤20%, dried sieved loam planting should take waterproof measures; straw fibers may be taken, crushed into 10 branches, etc. ~ 15mm long, the water content of ≤20%. With the substrate mixture ratio of green Material: Fiber: planting loam = 1: 2: 2 (volume ratio).
b, or buy green substrate using indicators formulated in accordance with the following techniques:
Organic matter,% ≥ 32.0
Humus,% ≥ 10.0
Nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium (N + P2O5 + K2),% ≥ 4.0
Water (free water),% ≥ 30.0
Water absorption ratio, m / m ≥ 6.0
Water stable index,% ≥ 60.0
PH value of 5.5 to 7.0%
Fineness (<5 mm),% ≥ 75.0
c, to try to smooth slope, loose gravel should be cleaned off to prevent not firmly attached to the slope of the injection mix the whole substrate.
d, soil moisture control in 40% to 50% is appropriate.
e, the seeds of options to suit the local climate appropriate seeds.

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