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Geocell series


Price: Geocell is a thermoplastic sheet of high strength, through strength welding or U-shaped card connection formed by a mesh grid chamber. It is retractable, and transportation can be reduced stack up, and use of open and filled with earth and stone or concrete material to form a structure restraining force with a strong and large lateral stiffness. It can be used for cushion, increasing the carrying capacity of the weak foundation can also be laid constitute slope protection structures on the slope, you can also rely on support files used to build the structure.
Features: the downy geosynthetics. For reinforcement embankment, slope protection highway, construction of retaining walls, its biggest feature is to complete a variety of difficult problems in rock engineering difficult to deal with conventional methods, such as bridge jumping, soft ground subsidence, Frothing, landslides . With a light weight, wear resistance, aging resistance, chemical resistance, wide temperature range, high tensile strength, stiffness, toughness, impact resistance and strong, relatively stable size, easy to transport and so on.

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