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Dimensional mat

Dimensional mat Features
   Three-dimensional vegetation soil fixed mesh network and multi-layer plastic bump flat screen composed of two-way stretch, and by the hot melt adhesive after the formation of a stable three-dimensional network structure of the transfer point. Uneven surface appearance, pliable material loose, leaving more than 90% of the space can be filled with soil and sand. The bottom two-way stretch mesh has low elongation and high strength characteristics, plays a role in preventing the decline slope. Plant roots can be balanced through the comfort from the entire mat of vegetation, the depth of up to 0.5 meters deep underground, so vegetation, mat and soil to form a solid three composite mechanical embedded lock system, which had to slope protection purposes.
Dimensional mat effect
   1, the solid earth role is very clear. Tests to prove: the grass is not formed before, when the slope angle is 45 degrees, three-dimensional solid earth mat of vegetation blocking rate as high as 97.5%, when the slope is 60 degrees, the arrest rate as high as 60% also. that is, the vertical slope of the soil should not or can not be retained due to the presence of the mat may retain 60% of the soil block to live, therefore, three-dimensional vegetation mat has excellent soil reinforcement effect, far better than the flat network.
   2, before the grass did not grow, can protect the slope from wind and rain erosion.
   3. Sprinkle grass seed after can securely maintain the grass on the slope evenly distributed, while the loss from wind and rain.
   4, after the grass grow, and mat and soil to form a solid three complex mechanical interlocking system that prevents rain and winds rushing attack, and can withstand the impact of a high level, high traffic, instead of concrete, mortar stone tablets such as a permanent slope protection layer.
   5, with a black mat, help absorb a lot of heat, increasing temperature, promote seed germination, extended growing season.
   6, since the surface rough, use, water in the mat surface of the numerous small eddy, dissipation can play a role to promote the carrying deposited in the mat.
   7, the use of polymer materials PE and carbon black additive, reliable chemical stability, in the underground life of up to 50 - 100 years to play this complex mechanical interlocking system role in the transportation and water conservancy projects in the design life (eg with special needs, can be degradable plastic mat in a few years can disappear in the soil, leaving no trace).
   8, green vegetation can absorb motor vehicle exhaust, and can beautify the landscape, environmental protection, green roads, railway.

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