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Drainage material

Three-dimensional composite drainage network

Three-dimensional composite drainage network is a high-density polyethylene (HDPE) as raw materials, plus UV additives, processed by a special extrusion process is made. Having three special structure, the middle class strip rigid, vertically arranged, linear drainage channels formed in the drain direction, on both sides of the ribs are arranged in a cross, drainage network increased overall stability.
     Three-dimensional composite drainage network has anti-aging, corrosion resistance and other properties. Highway, railway roadbed can be effectively used in load distribution, improve the bearing capacity and stability of the roadbed and prolong life. Laying on the highway, railway slope geonet to prevent rock fall, protect soil and water, beautify the environment. Reservoirs, rivers, dams can effectively prevent the laying of protective landslides, coastal engineering used in its flexibility, and good permeability to buffer the shock waves of energy.


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